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The MASK Academy is a year-long multi-tiered peer-to-peer program that aims to build social and emotional skills in children while helping the school create a positive climate in a manner that helps teachers and school administrators meet educational standards.

Our goal is to improve school climate, build healthy children, and strengthen parent-child bonds through psycho educational information, classroom-based activities, and education on current trending topics through the MASK Academy and MASK The Magazine.

The Parent University is an important part to the MASK Academy. Establishing ongoing communication with your child on these social situations will help lead them to healthy choices.


Did you know?

These are the recommended ages to be on these sites;

Instagram . . . 13 years

Twitter . . . 13 years

Facebook . . . 13 years

Periscope . . . 13 years

Vine . . . 17 years

Your child was educated today on being Cyber Savvy

From surfing to social media how to protect your child’s digital imprint.


Each MASK lessoken padn that your child is taught has a MASK kid story. MASK uses a storytelling approach to enhance the learning experience. This is also a great way to initiate conversation about their lesson. Simply ask them what they learned about Kendrik.

So that you are aware, Kendrik is in 5th grade. In our story, Kendrik starts using an app on his phone to take pictures and post them on social media. Although he knows he shouldn’t be using this app, he thinks that it is fun and harmless. When Kendrik is caught using the app, he learns that his digital imprint is forever and that he needs to be smart about what he does online. He deletes the app and agrees with his parents that he will not use it until he is old enough.

We want you to be able to have conversations with your children about when it is okay to use social media and about their digital imprint. Ask your child about Kendrik’s story. Tell them that you hope they would talk to you before trying something new online.



What you can do?

Every family is different and should have rules that are best for them.

It is important to model healthy screen time and internet use, set guidelines, be a safe person for your children to come to, and know what your kids are doing online.

  • Model healthy technology use- Before posting a picture of your child online to share bragging rights, ask your child for their permission> Getting their approval will give them the power, and model respect.
  • Set family guidelines when it comes to technology
  • Make it safe for your child to come to you- Starting the conversation early and sharing age appropriate stories about technology and remind them that they can always come to you.
  • Discuss the hidden dangers of social media with your child
  • Know your child’s passwords and usernames on all accounts (emails and social media)


Conversation Starters

  • How would you feel if someone posted a picture of you online?
  • Did you know that just because you delete an App, the information stays online forever?
  • If your friend told you about a fun app, would you download it?


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