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August 9, 2017
August 9, 2017
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How A Pocket-Sized Device Could Save Your Child’s Life

The world is full of danger and sadly parents aren’t always able to protect their children from emergency situations, but fortunately, Revolar has two safety devices making it easy for users to notify emergency contacts when they feel that they are in danger. These safe-haven devices—Revolar and Revolar Instinct—can help ease the worry of parents everywhere with just a few clicks.


Jacqueline Ros invented this device after her sister was assaulted as a teenager. Her goal is to provide people with a way to seek help if they are feeling unsafe and to help save lives.

Here are 10 reasons why parents should purchase Revolar for their children.

1. It’s Concealable: Revolar is a small device that can be worn on a keychain, a waistband and other concealable clothing areas. This makes it easier for children to get help without alerting the perpetrator and it allows parents to know if their child is in danger in an efficient manner.

2. Users Can Create a Contact Group: Users can download the free Revolar App and add contacts that they would like to be alerted to check-in with when they arrive at a destination safely or to alert if they are in an emergency. The emergency contacts do not need to download the app in order to receive alerts. They will be notified via text/email.

3. Check-In Alert: The user can click the button on the device once to alert their contacts that they have arrived to their location safe and sound. This is perfect for kids that are walking home school, teens that are going out with friends, and college students who are traveling on and off campus.

4. Yellow Alert: If a user rapidly clicks the button on the Revolar device twice it alerts contacts that the user is in an uncomfortable situation and they would like to be contacted.

5. Red Alert: Three clicks of the device alerts contacts that the user is in need of immediate assistance. These alerts allow contacts to alert authorities that the user could be in danger.

6. Enables GPS Location: When a user presses the button on the Revolar device it enables their location for the contacts making it easier for them to assist the user in a time of need. Revolar only enables the GPS location if the button on the device is pressed.

7. No Monthly Fees: Revolar retails for $59 and does not require any additional fees after purchase making it an affordable device for individuals everywhere unlike other safety device competitors. Revolar is available for purchase at www.revolar.com.

8. Ring Me Feature: The Ring Me feature is available on the Revolar Instinct, which allows users to send a fake call through their phone to help them get out of uncomfortable situations. This is perfect for teens and college students that are in need of escaping from dates, peer pressure and other situations that may make them feel uneasy.

9. Battery Life: Revolar devices have a battery life averaging 6 to 12 months and additional batteries are available at Amazon and other stores. The device requires a CR2032 battery.

10. It Can Save Lives: Owning a device such as Revolar can save lives and reunite a parent with their child in the case of an emergency or tragic event.