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April 20, 2021
April 22, 2021
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Pre-K and Technology


The best rule to follow for our little ones is to keep screen time limited to one-two hours a day of high-quality interactive child-focused programming. More than 2 hours of screen time is associated with delays in language acquisition, decreases in ability to pay attention, less ability to deal with frustration, poor social skills, and difficulty with sleep. When selecting programming, pay attention to the messaging, identify programs that have child-focused content focused on social skills building or academics. Try to avoid watching screen time near nap or sleep times as the blue light in emitted from the screens disrupt melatonin production, which can interfere with sleep. Try to avoid using screen time as a reward. This creates a reliance on the screen which will impede the development of frustration tolerance, a critical emotional regulation skill. Using the screen as a distraction for them during meal times also shows a decrease in social skills as mealtimes are a perfect social time to teach turn-taking, listening, and sharing their own stories.  


Signs & Behaviors:

  • Able to entertain themselves
  • Read, draw color, play with toys, 
  • Show interest in other people
  • Take turns
  • Uses imagination to tell stories
  • Imaginary play
  • Short temper tantrums occur, but your child recovers
  • Your child shows interest playing with toys over technology
  • Sharing, kindness, and compassion are present with regards to others
  • Your child can pay attention to tasks for about 5-10 minutes at a time


What you can do:


  • Limit screen time
  • Choose quality programs for your children focused on social skills or academic content
  • Talk to them about screen time
  • Encourage creative play
  • Model appropriate screen time 
  • Play with your children and encourage free play
  • Use art and music to entertain your children


Conversation Starters:

  • “Too much time on screens like TV, tablets, or phones is not good for our brains just like too much sugar is not good for our tummies.”
  • “Screen time is for learning new things.”
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