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Rejection is Rough

Prepare your kids before it happens

Rejection is tough on anyone, and it is something that even adults struggle to deal with properly. While it is a struggle, it is also something that can’t be avoided by anyone. Rejection could happen at any point in a child’s life, and it is best if they are equipped with some skills to get through it before it happens. 

There are many different ways rejection may present itself; it may show up as someone not wanting to be their friend, breaking up in a relationship, not making a sports team, or possibly a failing grade. But one thing that is common between all these types is they will typically hit someone’s self-esteem hard. We want to give you five easy tips that will help you can your child combat rejection. 

Five helpful tips to get through 

  1. Prepare your kids for what is going to come. Talk to them and let them know that sometimes people won’t get along well together or sometimes they just might not be the best option for a job or sport. But let them know that doesn’t define them and there will always be something just right for them. Also, make sure your kid knows they have a strong support system behind them at all times, so when rejection does happen they know they have someone to go to who will lift their spirits and self-esteem. 
  2. Teach your kids to not put all their eggs in one basket. It is important that they know some things may not work out, and it is best if they have other options to fall back on. For example, if your kid is trying out for a sport at school make sure they have a second or even third option just in case they don’t make the team they will still have a backup activity. 
  3. Explain to your child that rejection is a part of life and sometimes it can be a good thing. Rejection can hit hard at someone’s self-esteem, especially if the rejection is coming from a personal place. But it is important that your child knows sometimes personalities won’t click and they may not be friends with everyone. They might be taking it personally, but that’s what they should be doing and how they should be feeling! Everyone is different; with different hobbies and personalities it makes sense that some people may not get along, so just try to explain to your child that while it may be personal, just because one person rejected them, doesn’t mean everyone will. 
  4. Help your child understand that rejection hurts, and it is okay for them to be feeling their emotions and that they are valid. Rejection may cause a plethora of different emotions from anger to sadness, but it is important that your child understands why rejection is making them feel this way so they are able to grow from it. Be there for your child, but also be sure to give them some space so they have some time to reflect. 
  5. Lastly, have your child reflect on all the positives in their life like some recent accomplishments, positive attributes, or just some things they like about themselves. This can help your child to build their confidence back up and not let rejection control their life and hold them back. 




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