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Shedding the Stigma

drug abuse

Much has been said about the rapid rise of drug abuse in America.

What hasn’t been talked about enough, however, are comprehensive strategies for addressing the problem. Last year, the issue became so large that local and federal government created legislative action as a new intervention in the war on drugs. The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 shifts resources to identify and treat addiction, and includes helping at-risk individual’s access services.

These actions are a positive step forward in the war on drugs, but we must also focus on early detection and intervention. The integration of physical and mental health care is especially beneficial. This is because primary care doctors can identify the signs of drug use and abuse in their early stages.

As a community, we must also recognize what addiction is and how people can become addicted to opioids and other drugs. That means shedding the stigma associated with drug abuse and looking at addiction in a non-judgmental way. Through integrative medicine. Which allows patients and providers to focus on healing the mind and body.

It is imperative to recognize and address addiction in the early stages.

It is even better to prevent addiction before it happens with education and strong communication. Children may experience pressure and curiosity about drugs or might even try to numb their feelings with drugs. Always be aware of changes in your child’s behavior. Ask medical professionals for assistance and support if you think there’s a problem. When finding treatment, research services and professionals prior to the appointment to make it a good fit. Feeling comfortable with the provider and their treatment plan is crucial to success.

By: Terros Health


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