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Side Gigs Give Lucrative and Flexible Summer Income

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Side Gigs Give Teachers Lucrative and Flexible Summer Income

Are you looking for a great way to pad your wallet during summer months? Side gigs can be a flexible and lucrative addition to your lifestyle. When the school year rolls around, a well-chosen side gig can ease into your work schedule and keep up the momentum you gain this summer.  

Sell Goods Locally

Another option is to sell your products in a local venue, such as an arts-oriented boutique.  Many small business owners look for interesting local talent to add to their store inventory on consignment. Farmers markets and craft fairs also provide ample opportunity, especially during the summer months. It’s a great way to get established and build your reputation and customer base. Employing a free invoice app can help you manage business finances, making it easier to maintain your books. You can also simplify payments by using an easily portable point-of-sale system that tracks inventory and sales.

Officiate Weddings

Many people are getting married on the fly these days, leaving cumbersome wedding traditions behind. You can easily obtain a license to officiate weddings and enjoy watching others begin their new journey. Summer is the big wedding season, giving you ample time to become established and develop your reputation, and then you can pick up events through the rest of the year to keep you busy and the funds flowing.  


Do you have a gift for capturing memories and moments? Selling photographs or becoming a freelance photographer is a great side gig for teachers. The wedding season offers great opportunities for those who are cool with crowds. Or, you can take one-on-one photos of upcoming seniors. Do you prefer less a scheduled arrangement? Some websites purchase stock photographs so you can turn your talent for composing images into some extra cash.

Create a Course

You’re already adept at teaching, so why not capitalize on your specialty? Inc. suggests designing online courses, and the subject can be almost anything. Take something you’re passionate about and offer others the opportunity to learn your area of interest. Another option is to tutor via the web or in person. The summer months are often when kids are catching up and adults are working on career changes, so build a foundation of clients while you have added time and continue to develop your gig through the school year.  

Other Specialties

Some online platforms are ideal for offering a specialized skill. Consider your unique knowledge and talents, and look for ways to put them to work. You could advise people with job searching, help edit documents for doctoral students and companies, or become a personal trainer.  Maybe you’re a top-notch organizer, can crunch numbers, make home repairs, or bake cupcakes for parties. Your special skill is a talent somebody else lacks, so turn it into a side gig today!

By starting this summer, you can establish a lucrative side gig to carry over into the school year. Consider your special talents, interests, and skills, and look for ways to convert them into cash. Flexible, extra income can be yours!

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