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February 23, 2018
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March 17, 2018
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Commit to Stay Connected

We have a squad of five at our home with a decade between oldest to youngest and needless to say I’ve always said I have my MASK test lab at home. The way I parent has stayed consistent but the times have changed. Over the years there are more things to think about and more available at the fingertips of our children.

I’ve had conversations with my oldest son about technology, social media, and the times. He has always stated how he glad he is that when he was growing up he felt like he had a chance to be a kid. To play outside, get dirty and didn’t have all of that static.

stay connected

Today children are being robbed and taken hostage to a device which fits in the palm of their hands.

Honestly its our own fault. We walk a fine line as parents when we choose to give our children devices. We can’t keep them from it as this the world they live in today, and there are many benefits to them having it, but like I said it is a fine line.

The more I learn about the effects technology has on our children, their safety, and their developing brains we have to not just turn our heads. We have to take back our children which means limiting the things that are hurtful to them.

We now know that technology, and social media has the same effect on our children’s brain that heroin does. Need I say more…

When I decided it was time to give my youngest a phone I started it out by saying it is a “Sometimes” phone. Well that “sometimes phone” turned into an “always phone” until I got it back on track to a “sometimes phone”. My point is that parenting is not easy. We have to commit to stay connected, stay strong, and not to get sucked down “today’s traps”. That since everyone else is doing it, relaxes our beliefs on whats’ right.

Kimberly Cabral

MASK Founder & CEO

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