October 4, 2021

New Teen Drivers

Under the Hood Once your teen has his or her new vehicle, here are a few things they’ll need to know to keep it running smoothly. […]
August 20, 2021

Their First Car

The type of car you choose for your newly licensed teen may be the single most important decision you make for your child. “The very riskiest […]
February 13, 2021

Driving & Marijuana: Myths and Misconceptions 

  “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.”  We all remember this slogan, which was coined at the launch of the Drunk Driving Campaign in the 1980s. Since […]
August 20, 2020

Teens and Driving

Like many others, my teenagers received their driver’s licenses recently. It’s an emotional roller coaster for any parent. One must trust your hormone-addled and not yet […]
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