October 9, 2020

Underage Drinking

Junior high is a critical time in a child’s life, especially when it comes to underage drinking and alcohol abuse. When children reach this stage in […]
April 27, 2020

Consensual Sex or Not?

Concerns and consequences about sex and adolescents. Consensual Sex or Not? According to a 2010 report published by the U.S.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 46 percent […]
October 12, 2019

The Orient MASKer Aide Ball

Join MASK for The 12th Annual Orient MASKer Aide Ball Saturday October 12th, 2019 at the beautiful Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Please join us for an exotic […]
October 17, 2017
natural disaster

Talking to Kids About Natural Disasters

In times of natural disasters, it’s everyone’s responsibility to come together to support. To provide aid and comfort to those directly affected. It is human to […]
October 7, 2016
prom guide

Prom Survival Guide

Perhaps it’s your first time to think about going to prom. The thought can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many things to consider. The […]
June 3, 2016

A Parent’s Role

The world we live in is a much more challenging place than it used to be. It is a parent’s responsibility to equip their teen with […]
May 20, 2016
social media

Peer Pressure and Social Media

Social media adds an entirely new level to peer pressure. On top of dealing with the stress of fitting in at school through sports and other […]
May 20, 2016
drinking alcohol

Taking A Stand

My peers and family have always known me as the “good girl.” And you know what? That’s perfectly okay with me. My weekends usually consist of […]
May 6, 2016
bullying beyond

Bullying Beyond the Halls

Amanda Atkinson was spending the last week of eighth grade at home, preparing to move to a new school. She had never been bullied before, so […]
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