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May 4, 2020
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May 4, 2020
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Take the Bore Out of Chores


Having trouble getting your kids to do housework? Make chore day more fun with these unique ideas:

Put on your favorite playlist on, and pick a song. Every time the song starts to play, have your kids grab a broom (or a mop, pot or pan…but try to stay away from the toilet brush!) and come to the living room ready to dance. When the song is over, it’s back to work. Repeat the mix until chores are finished.

Split the family into two teams for a chore day relay race. When one team member finishes their task, the next team member begins. The first team to finish their list of chores is the winner. And remember, chores are always more appealing to finish if there’s a reward attached.

Consider serving a special treat after dinner or a family movie at the end of the chore day.

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