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Watch For The Spark

Helping your children understand who they are and what drives them can put them on a path to finding their purpose and meaning.


When teaching kids about their values, strengths and identity, remember that each developmental stage comes with a different opportunity to help lay the groundwork that will lead them to find their purpose and passion. 

“Watch for the spark: What interests them, makes them feel excited and fulfilled. Once you see it, make sure they see it, too,. “Finding purpose is a life-long endeavor that can’t be sped up. Children need to learn how to identify their values, know how to set goals, and have a strong sense of who they are so that when it comes time for them to start thinking about their futures, they will be able to follow their passion to do something meaningful.”


Here are some ideas to help spark the interest.


What you can do

Talk about why you make specific choices with them

Teach them specific family values by talking to them about your beliefs

Answer their questions using those moments as teaching moments

Talk to them frequently about how to make choices based on their values and beliefs

Help your children develop empathy

Label values when you see them acting on their values

Model your values

Encourage their expression of values 

Help them identify why they make specific decisions

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