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EEG-neurotherapy is a drugfree healing therapy performed by certified neurotherapists all over the world. It has little, if any, side effects and trains the brain to regulate as it was intended to do. This therapy has been around for over 40 years and eliminates brain dysregulation and its symptoms 

Brainwaves and/or functions that become disrupted and unable to properly regulate, are referred to as dysregulated.” Dysregulated brain activity is the core of a multitude of problems such as ADHD, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, emotional/behavioral problems and moreEEG, or electroencephalogram, is used to train the brain via feedback at specific sites on the scalpThe data collected in a treatment session is called a brain mapNeurotherapyalso sometimes referred to as brain mappingis able to assess and treat the brain, unlike qEEG, SPECT, PET and fMRI brain scanswhich are only assessment tools. 

Dysregulation is due to many factors such as toxicity, genetics, head trauma, physical/emotional trauma, nutritional deficiencies, biological imbalance or birth traumaWorking with a functional MD or NMD (naturopath) is best to address issues of thyroid imbalance, hormone function, candida, MTHFR, blood sugar, allergies and other treatable biochemical issues that also affect the brainGood biochemistry nurtures the brain’s neurochemistry. 

Scientists are continually making great gains in the area of neurofeedbackSome common symptoms of dysregulation affecting children include ADHD, focus/attention issues, behavioral/emotional challenges, memory problems, and academic shortfalls. On average, 40 to 60 sessions or brain maps are needed to fully retrain the brain 

Unlike the body, which can self-heal without prompting, the brain is unable to do so and requires stimuli to re-regulate itselfNeurotherapy works with varied bandwidth waves, typically delta, theta, alpha, high beta, beta, and low betaEach of these needs to be “re-tuned” in a different wayNeurotherapy is site specific and treatment protocols are individualized to reflect the specific need of each client. 

Healthy brain balance translates to optimum memory, attention and focus; age-appropriate behaviors; flexible mood; inner peace, calm and joy; and appropriate connections to self, others and the world aroundIt also prompts creativity, improved motor coordination and self-motivation, which is a key to positive self-esteemResearch supports that the brain is capable of change at any age through the healing waves of neurotherapy. 

It is highly suggested working with a competent NMD or a functional medical provider to remove the body and brain of any toxicity and identifying allergies; eliminate candida; rule out genetic factors such as MTHFR; and balance the body’s biochemistry, blood chemistry and endocrine system or any factor that contributes to inflammation 

Parent-friendly information on this subject can be found in the book “Healing Young Brains, the Neurofeedback Solution” by Robert Hill and Eduardo CastroEEG-neurotherapy is drug-free solution to achieving brain balance and an integral part of hope and healing for all ages. 


By // Cynthia Seginski   LPC, MAPC 

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